Sustainability and Environmental Policy

As a serious industry contributor with aspirations to become the international leader of garment hanger production, we consider it not just our responsibility but our mission to ensure our manufacturing and product offering is as environmentally sound as possible.
With forecasted rapid and consistent growth ahead of us, sustainability is absolutely key to our business and we endeavour to become the reference point for best practice of sustainable innovation within our marketplace.
We support our environmentally conscious clientele with vigour, and take passion in advising others about the benefits and variety of options we can offer when it comes to sustainable production and materials within the fashion packaging industry.
Our internal logistics and manufacturing processes ensure reconditioning is exercised wherever possible, and recycling of material thereafter, so that no single hanger is considered waste unless there is unequivocally no alternative. 

As well as being recognised as leaders and innovators in our waste reduction and environmentally friendly methods, Dona is also proud to be the example of the platinum standard in all areas where our clients seek our expertise; product, design and sustainability. 

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